South 0.7.1

This is a minor new release of South, and the first bugfix release for the 0.7 series.

Backwards incompatible changes



South tests

South’s internal test suite now doesn’t run by default (the SKIP_SOUTH_TESTS setting now defaults to True). This is mainly because the test suite is meant to be run in isolation (the test framework continually changes INSTALLED_APPS and fiddles with the ORM as it runs, among other things), and was causing compatability problems with other applications.

If you wish to run the tests still, simply set SKIP_SOUTH_TESTS = False.

Data Migrations

There was an annoying issue that caused failing data migrations under MySQL to suddenly run their backwards() method and produce an error completely unrelated to the original problem. This has been fixed.


./ migrate has gained a new --ignore-ghost-migrations, which will temporarily silence South’s complaining about missing migrations on disk if you really know what you’re doing (i.e. temporary branch switching).

In addition, –noinput is now correctly respected for the ”./ migrate” command.


A bug and some nondeterminism in the new dependency engine has been fixed (previously, dependencies were sometimes calculated wrongly, and the non-determinism meant that this only happened on certain architectures).

Other changes

A whole assortment of minor bugs has been fixed; for the complete list, see the milestone in our Trac.