South 0.7.2

This is a minor new release of South, and the second bugfix release for the 0.7 series.

Backwards incompatible changes



Ordering of actions

A few issues with ordering of index deletion versus field/table deletion have now been fixed, so hopefully things will delete or migrate backwards first time.


If you have a CharField or TextField with blank=True, you now no longer need to specify a default value. In addition, changes to blank no longer trigger an alteration migration for that field, since it doesn’t affect the database.


South should now work if you aren’t using the ‘public’ schema; you’ll need to set the SCHEMA database setting first, though.


A bit of tidying up has been done for arguments; migrate now accepts –noinput and convert_to_south accepts the ghost migration options.

Other changes

A whole assortment of minor bugs has been fixed; for the complete list, see the milestone in our Trac.