South 0.7.6

This is a minor new release of South, and the sixth bugfix release for the 0.7 series.

Major changes are outlined below. A full list of bugs fixed can be found on the South Trac.

Backwards incompatible changes



There is now a new --update switch, which you can use with schemamigration to merge updates you’ve just done into your most recent migration and then reverse and re-apply that migration to the database.

Note that this will only work with migrations that aren’t yet committed into a VCS - once that occurs, you should create a new migration rather than running --update on the current one.

Table defaults

South now keeps all defaults out of the database during table creation, to mirror Django’s approach when creating tables. This was already the case when adding columns.

SQLite fixes

The SQLite backend now correctly handles boolean default values.

MSSQL fixes

Altering ForeignKey columns now works correctly.

Firebird fixes

Boolean defaults and autoincrement now works correctly.