South 0.8

This is a new major release of South, and probably the last major release before work begins on South 2 as part of the ongoing work with schema alterations in Django. Don’t worry - an upgrade path will be provided.

We recommend that you pin your South requirement in your requirements file to south < 2.0, however, so you will not be auto-upgraded when the time comes.

Major changes are outlined below. A full list of changes can be found on the repository.

Backwards incompatible changes


Python 2.x support

South is now only compatable with Python 2.6 and higher. If you are still on 2.5 on below, you will have to use the 0.7.x releases of South - do not expect those to be maintained any further, however.

Python 3

South now has alpha support for Python 3, thanks to the six library and the work of Aymeric Augustin. This is intended to complement the support in Django 1.5 and up; please report any issues you come across when using it.


South now supports the index_together option for models found in Django 1.5 and up.